GoPro Underwater

GoPro for shooting underwater – Worth it or not?

GoPro 4 Black
GoPro 4 Black

It has been two years since I own a GoPro 4 Black Edition. At the outset I had no clue of what the GoPro can do and ended up recording poor quality video.

At a first glance, image quality looks average but not if you correctly setup your exposure settings and you have a good setup. I have backscatter flip 3.1 system which consists of macro and color correction filters. In addition to that, I bought a pair of sola 2000 Lumens Flood lights to complement my package.

So, what have I achieved till now? Here’s a couple of videos:

Snake Reef – Backscatter flip 3.1 deep filter/Sola 2000 Lumens Flood Lights/+10 Close up

Turtle Bay – Backscatter flip 3.1 deep filter

Caravelle – Backscatter Macromate mini, sola 2000 lumens flood lights

I usually use the following exposure settings: Exposure compensation: -2.0, White Balance: Auto, Resolution:1080p 60fps

Post Production: Adobe Premiere